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Welcome to my (baka_tenshi) mp3 rotation where I share my Asian music with the world. (Well. Not really it's members only) I try to update every Saturday with an album I ripped and uploaded. Along with albums, I'll also upload singles. I also mirror the stuff over at punch_desu and saikuron.

If you would like to know more about a particular artist, I suggest going over to the The Asian Pop Idol Wiki. I feel they have more accurate information about an artist then what you can find on Google. However, if you feel they're wrong, you can create an account and correct it! :) Make the wiki world a more accurate place!


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01. Please comment on everything that you download. Being a leecher = uncool, srsly
02. No flaming. I know not all like the same things as I do about a particular album/single/song/genre/whatever.
03. Use Winzip or Winrar to unzip the files.
04. Feel free to request something! Look here to check whether or not I have it. Press Ctrl and f and type in either the artist, the song (if you're looking for a particular PV) or the name of the album; it should let you know if I have it. :) If I don't have it, well, just donate so that I can possibly get it. ;)
05. Check the memories before you request!
06. Support the artists! Use as sampling, and delete after 24 hours of recieving. I know people aren't going to listen to me...
07. You may recommend me a band, album, song, whatever.
08. Enjoy!
Have a question? Please contact me via below and tell me where you got my informtation. I will block you if you harrass, or flame me.

AIM: LilyChan x
MSN: asian-idol-fan@hotmail.com
Here are my affiliates. :) If you want to affiliate please notify me by commenting on this entry.

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