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5th-Aug-2008 04:31 pm - [INTERVIEW] Junior July 2008
The Journey to be RealCollapse )
♥ ♥ ai otsuka
8th-Jun-2008 04:59 am - [INFORMATION] R-eaL


Welcome to this post! I'm here to tell you about a new Korean pop boy band called "R-eaL".

They are five boys in the group, Yoon (25), Jin Woong (20), Chang Hyun (20), Insuk (20), and Sang Il (18). Their goal is to show their "real" selves in the music business. They first appeared on a popular TBS program called 'Trust in Ako'. R-eaL was also featured in a spread for a famous Japanese music magazine called Ticketpia. It was titled "R-eal's daring challenge - Run to the death".

They officially debuted on . Currently, they are under the Sponge Entertainment (ex-H.O.T. member, Jang Woo Hyuk, is also part of this) label. Their music is supposed to have a J-POP feel. After they debut in Korea for about a half a year, they're going to Japan (and possibly all around Asia) to pursue success there.

Additionally, they officially started their promotion for their first album on June 10, 2008.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything on this post. All this is just information gathered together in one post. I am not fluent in Korean and Japanese. If I get something wrong, please correct me! I would like to be as accurate as possible. Because I'm not fluent in Korean or Japanese (much less have time to stalk everything about R-eaL), I'll post information as I find them. Please comment if you have some information, as well as a source, you would like to me to put here. (: Even though I've turned off email notification, I'll check this post everyday for new information. Thank you for taking the time to read this possibly extremely long post. ♥
solar system. ♥ hwang in seok
2nd-Dec-2006 02:04 pm - Affiliates
Would you like to be an affiliate? Please comment here and when I reply to your comment, I'll add you to the userinfo. :) And don't worry, I didn't delete your comment -- I merely screened it.
♥ ♥ ai otsuka
14th-Nov-2006 10:43 pm - [LIST] Playlist & PV List
Here are the CDs that I own. This will be one of the few public entries available simply because I want people to know what kind of music I listen to and whether or not it's to their tastes. :D

List of CDs I HaveCollapse )

PV ListCollapse )

Of course, as time goes on, I'll add to the lists. I just hope you won't be put off by the stuff I have. :) I'm trying to move some PVs from my rickety computer which will be used for another purpose to here so expect to see more to the list soon.

The below are just some requests I have. If you want to fullfil it, please just IM me and tell me that you have it. ^_^

RequestsCollapse )

At the same time here are the albums and singles that are on the way from various websites I have ordered or they are gifts from my parents and friends. So when you see them moved from here to up there, you'll know that I recieved it. I do accept gifts, but I don't expect anyone to send me. Please contact me, if you wish to do that, so I can give you my address. Also please forward the reciept to me so I know you're not a creepy stalker.

Recieving Soon!Collapse )
♥ ♥ ai otsuka
14th-Oct-2006 01:41 pm - Members Only


Please join or watch this community! Have any questions? Please mention me on Twitter (@rainbow_sauce) or message me here on LJ (@baka_tenshi).
annoucement taimu! ♥ g.dragon
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