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[SPECIAL] Part Three. Christmas Party Show

Part Three. Christmas Party Show

From Left to Right square. »

Yoon » Chang Hyun » Stitch

Yoon: Our place actually looks nice decorated like this.
Chang Hyun: Hyung, the original setting was good too.
Stitch: Here we go again, show offs =_=;;

From Right to Left (except with Chang Hyun and Jin Woong)

Yoon: Thank you for visiting us R-eal...blah blah blah
Chang Hyun: Hyung, this is not the press conference.
In Seok: Is it my birthday then?
Jin Woong: This is Christmas Party, right?
Sang Il: Yes, it is

Alright, let's blow out the candles first...

In Seok: My nose blow is stronger.
Yoon: No, mine is.

Let's eat (although expectation isn't really high on the taste...;;)

Merry Christmas!!!

Tags: #korean, artist: r-eal
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