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[SPECIAL] Part Two. Battle: Taste vs Taste

Part Two. Battle: Taste vs Taste

From Left to Right square.

Chang Hyun: Hyung, you do this...
Yoon: Don't worry. I'm good at this.

Yoon: Do I have to rotate the knife or do I have to move around?

In Seok: ...I rather eat the store-bought one.

Sang Il: Hyung, the camera is here.

Suddenly working very diligently
(The tube that Jinwoong has been holding onto has disappeared)

Sang Il: Hyung, I'm here for you.
Jin Woong: My ideal man character T_T
In Seok pretends to not notice. Concentrates on cake.

(and the result of his hard work is...)

Chang Hyun: Hyung, smile a bit.
Yoon: Catch up if you can. (Victory)

Tags: #korean, artist: r-eal
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