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[SPECIAL] Part One. Attack of 5 Flower Boys 
5th-Aug-2008 10:22 pm

Part One. Attack of 5 Flower Boys

From Left to the Right square.

Sang il: What do we need to buy?
In Seok: Chang Hyun will take care of it.

Chang Hyun: X brand flour is the best...

Yoon: This flaming red is perfect for decorating Christmas cake.
Chang Hyun: Hyung~ That's spiced fish egg ;;;

Yoon: Is this a new strawberry milk? (Hey, its made in Korea)
Chang Hyun: Hyung~ This is whipped cream ;;;

Sang Il: I need to go buy Santa hats. Hyung...get off. You are heavy.
» In Seok ever-so-casually settled in.

30 minutes later...


R-eal: Lets go bake Cake together.

Merry Christmas~ We are R-eal!!

♥ ♥ ai otsuka
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