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[NEWS] R-eal's Jin Woong attends the BEST school, among Idol Groups 
5th-Aug-2008 10:13 pm

It is a fascinating fact that a Yeonsae University's best face has debuted as an Idol Group.
R-eal member Park Jin Woong is the talk of the town.

Jin Woong is a 06 Yeonsae engineering major, who is currently taking a break from school. In order to join R-eal, he has trained for past 2 years. There has been many students of prestigious private universities such as UN's Kim Jung Hoon (Seoul University 's School of Dentistry drop-out) and Sung Si Kyung (Koryu University's Social Studies major) but among the idol groups, Jin Woong is the first Yeonsae University student.

He said that he "dreamed to become a singer since childhood" and had agreed to "attend university before joining R-eal." Once accepted, he learned acting through the university's acting club, Lime Light, joined with Eehwa Woman's University and Suhgang University and even performed on stage.

Gag Concert's Gwak Hyun Ha is also from this acting club. Jin Woong said that he had "ranked #4 in Hweemoon High School" and when people asked if he had not been accepted to the university under special circumstances, he explained he received a "regular admission."

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