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[NEWS] Group R-eal wants to be musicians for Real 
5th-Aug-2008 05:38 pm

4 Episode Documentary Aired in Japan
Already 10000 Fan Cafe Members
First Mini-Album released this month

A group that has not even debuted yet in Korea, is already gaining fame in Japan and rewriting the history of Korean wave.

Group R-eal, formed by members Yoon, Jin Woong, Chang Hyun, In Seok and Sang il (18~25), has been preparing for their debut for 2 years. They, who have not even released an album in either Korea or Japan, were officially invited to Japan's Kohoo FM 'Shintaro's Mooghen Choshen' and their 4 episode documentary program "R-eal's Limitless Challenge - Going even after death" will be aired in Japan throughout June on Mnet. It is a historical event that a group release a TV show before debut without any promotion. When we met with R-eal on the 30th of last month at Fuji Q Island, the members expressed excitement and determination all at once.

Leader Yoon introduced that "the name R-eal means the truth and their honest selves, and therefore they will be the true artists of K-pop industry." Just like their name, they will be showing nothing but themselves in Japan. Not only do they hop into the Fuji Q Island Roller coaster, which has been named in Guinness Book of Records for its incredible speed rate of 130 km/hour but they also visit any magazine company and schedule an interview. R-eal's goal is that "if other Idol groups emphasize their strong style and dance moves, we'll compete with more friendly and next-door little brother image. Friendliness will be our weapon and we'll be a group for our fans."

Their image may be like your next-door neighbor but their resume are extraordinary. The oldest Yoon is already famous through numerous variety shows and is gifted at writing lyrics and choreography. Jin Woong attends Yeonsae University's Engineering school, is from the university's acting club Lime Light and had even stood on stage. Sang Il and In Seok are ulzzangs; Sang il is Daum Ulzzang Club's 5th Ulzzang and In Seok is part of Cyworld Ulzzangs. Jin Woong can compose music, write lyrics, play piano and is currently training in acting.

R-eal's internet fan cafe is on fire with over 10000 members. Even their management is surprised that Vietnam and Thailand already sent out their invites just after reading the R-eal's blog.

R-eal's agency representative said that "Thailand's famous entertainment company I-book has offered to make stationary items of R-eal and is even considering album release and interview." R-eal is scheduled to appear on 30 Japanese shows until next year.

R-eal will be releasing their first mini-album "We are R-eal" in June. It's title song "Make LOVE" is composed by Japan's celebrated composer Hirata (who has worked with Koda Kumi) and shows off Jpop like intensity. Their official debut in Japan will be early next year. They are currently studying Japanese.

R-eal confessed "we are not going to be stars that shine shortly and then fade away. We hope that our fans feel happy with us and won't get sick of us."

♥ ♥ ai otsuka
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