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[NEWS] Watchout R-eal's Infinity Challenge 
5th-Aug-2008 05:22 pm

"For real, we'll be your friend."

Five boy idol group is born. It's name is R-eal. R-eal, who is scheduled to debut this month in Korea, will be testing their true abilities through Japanese challenge show in preparation for their debut there next year. Their popularity is already through the roof. They already have 10000 fans on their internet cafe. Fans even have named the R-eal's chreography as the "traffic control" dance.

R-eal, who will be debuting with mini-album this month will be releasing a single around October and will be releasing their first official album early next year. Their first title song 'Make Love' is the work of Japan's celebrated composer Hirata Shoichiro, who has worked with artists such as Koda Kumi. It is overall a J-pop style. R-eal plans to make home both in Korea and in Japan.

On the 29th of last month, R-eal appeared at Fuji Q Island. Fuji Q Island is where the world famous rollercoaster Fujiyama. R-eal kicked off their inifinity challenge by boarding Fujiyama.

Before appearing on TBS's 'Leave it to Yako' on June 1st, R-eal had already performed 2 songs live on radio program FM Hoku 'Shintaro's Infinity Challenge.' In addition, they have already been offered interview by the associates of Oricon chart. Their show 'R-eal's Infinity Challenge: keep going if we die' will be aired through Mnet in this month alongside their debut in Korea.

R-eal is formed by leader Yoon (25), Jin Woong (20), same aged Chang Hyun and In Seok and the youngest Sang Il (18). They have been preparing for their debut for 2 years and just like other Idol group, they will be performing both music and acting.

Leader Yoon expressed his goal of "not being the star that shines monentarily and fades away. We want to singers that you won't get sick of."

Yeon Sae University's engineering student Jinwoong said "I became a singer despite my parent's opposition. I want to take away only the good from all this."

In Seok said "R-eal has clear and definite member roles. Yoon is the father, Sang il is the mother, Chang Hyun is the son, I am the daughter and Jin Woong is uncle. We are like a family and we will definitely be family to our fans as well."

R-eal's agency's representative Bae Sung Hoo revealed that "R-eal is not only popular in Japan but also in other countries like Thailand. They are already gaining international fans through internet blog. I expect them to achieve success different from other Korean idol groups."

He also added "Thailand already offered to make stationary goods with R-eal and they will be appearing on 30 shows in Japan."

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