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[NEWS] R-eal, one on one interview with Oricon 
5th-Aug-2008 05:04 pm

Group R-eal, a boy band of five who appeared in Japan music industry without real proper planning, is now officially revealing what they are all about.

R-eal has filled the headlines by declaring debut in Japan without any help from the agency or the representatives prior to their debut in Korea soon.

As if this was not enough, R-eal also is becoming the talk of the town by successfully completing an interview with Japan's music ranking chart Oricon.

R-eal has personally walked around tv stations and magazine publishing companies in Japan and one of their visiting site was Japan's Oricon. They simply went there and after some struggling with the security at the gate, they at last succeeded in meeting with the employee. The employee felt touched by R-eal's effort and personally conducted the interview himself.

The Oricon staff found R-eal more friendly as they struggled to communicate with their not so perfect Japanese.

There also is a after story that upon hearing this story, the president of the Oricon requested to meet with R-eal and even gave them encouraging words.

Oricon introduced their interview with R-eal on the main screen of their website (http://tv.oricon.co.jp). This is the first time that they ever introduced a foreign artist who has not even debut yet. It proved that R-eal has that much potential to succeed in Japan.

R-eal is scheduled to debut in Korea this month.

♥ ♥ ai otsuka
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