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Welcome to this post! I'm here to tell you about a new Korean pop boy band called "R-eaL".

They are five boys in the group, Yoon (25), Jin Woong (20), Chang Hyun (20), Insuk (20), and Sang Il (18). Their goal is to show their "real" selves in the music business. They first appeared on a popular TBS program called 'Trust in Ako'. R-eaL was also featured in a spread for a famous Japanese music magazine called Ticketpia. It was titled "R-eal's daring challenge - Run to the death".

They officially debuted on . Currently, they are under the Sponge Entertainment (ex-H.O.T. member, Jang Woo Hyuk, is also part of this) label. Their music is supposed to have a J-POP feel. After they debut in Korea for about a half a year, they're going to Japan (and possibly all around Asia) to pursue success there.

Additionally, they officially started their promotion for their first album on June 10, 2008.

Member Profiles

    안순용 Ahn Sun Yoon (Leader)
    Born: November 7, 1983
    Height/Weight: 181/56

    황인석 Hwang In Seok
    Born: February 19, 1988
    Height/Weight: 178/56

    박진웅 Park Jin Woong
    Born: February 20, 1988
    Height/Weight: 181/63

    전창현 Jun Chang Hyun
    Born: June 9, 1988
    Height/Weight: 181/58

    박상일 Park Sang Il
    Born: January 11, 1990
    Height/Weight: 177/55

    credit: Fancafe R-eal + elle.co.kr+ Naver + weng@Soompi



  • We are R-eaL (Album Scans)

      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      Release Date: Unknown

  • Name Unknown (Album Scans)

      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      Release Date: Unknown


  • Name Unknown (Single Scans)

      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      » Track Currently Unknown
      Release Date: Unknown

    credit: Star News + 1takeKK@R-ealhost.co.nr

Music Videos








Live Journal Communities



YouTube Accounts


Frequently Asked Questions

» Why are you doing this?
Honestly, I have no clear reason why. A lot of it, though, has to do how scattered the information about R-eaL are. I would like to try to bring that into one place where everyone can learn more about them at once. You know, make it easier for people to get into them. ;D

» Why LiveJournal?
It's easier for me to edit and keep track of.

» Can I link this post?
Of course! That's what it's there for! To be pimped out! Please use the url http://community.livejournal.com/cute_sounds/12448.html or http://tinyurl.com/58mvr7 for forum signatures.

» Do I have to credit you?
You don't have to credit me since all I'm doing is bringing information together. You can if you want!

» Hey! That's my information and you didn't credit me!
Please leave your alias (nickname) in a comment and I shall fix it ASAP!

» How come you didn't post all the videos from RealCrazy6?
I like to take my time with adding stuff so no one feels overwhelmed. (Plus it gives me something to do each day anyway.)

» How come there's not anything from therealcity?
They specifically said not to take out anything. I want to respect their wishes (unless I can find a way to contact and ask for permission of course).

» Can I make a banner for this post?
Only if you want to. Just put the direct link in your comment, along with your nickname or name [whichever you're comfortable with] and I'll place it here. I suggest going to Photo Bucket, Tiny Pic, or Image Shack to upload your graphics for free!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


Here are my sources, respectively. Please keep in mind that I only combined information.

  • soompi forums
  • youtube
  • pop seoul
  • shenyue pop
  • r-eal host
  • the r-eal city forums
  • r-eal kpop livejournal community

    Disclaimer: I don't own anything on this post. All this is just information gathered together in one post. I am not fluent in Korean and Japanese. If I get something wrong, please correct me! I would like to be as accurate as possible. Because I'm not fluent in Korean or Japanese (much less have time to stalk everything about R-eaL), I'll post information as I find them. Please comment if you have some information, as well as a source, you would like to me to put here. (: Even though I've turned off email notification, I'll check this post everyday for new information. Thank you for taking the time to read this possibly extremely long post. ♥
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