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24th-Nov-2010 10:09 pm


Hello! This is the post dedicated to the mysterious boy band SMASH (hangul: 스매쉬; in Japan, they're also known as SM☆SH). They debuted under the TN Entertainment and Loen Entertainment labels. One of the labels is owned by H.O.T's own Tony An! SMASH were debuted sometime in August 2008 with Open Fire!, their debut minialbum, but because SHINee and 2PM were also debuting at the same time, they were quickly overshadowed by the groups them and quickly faded into obscurity.

After less than half a year, SMASH halted activities in Korea and started to promote themselves in Taiwan and Thailand. They did not release an official single but performed and even had fan meetings there. In December 2009, they released a digital single called White Night - which is, oddly, in Korean.

In 2010, they actually started activities in Japan under the new name, SM☆SH, and released another single called, "Lunatic", on October 27th. They even opened a blog but it's in Japanese. They even have a DVD with their music video and making of. According to my limited Japanese comprehension skills, it also seems they're going to release a new album soon! So let's all watch out for them, okay? I'll group the Japanese and Korean discography together since, for now, they have so little Korean discography!

Below is the information for the members (past and present)!


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25th-Nov-2010 05:14 am (UTC)
Yay! Love love love!

Where the hell did my Hanbang icon go? *kicks LJ*
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